Philosophy of production

"Bel Sit" is located halfway up a natural amphitheatre facing south-west in the little town of Castagnole Lanze, which overlooks the Langhe hills. Atop the hill on a clear day, you can see the framework of mountains that protect it.

Looking down the hill you can see the patchwork of vineyards that comprise Bel Sit. The perfect rows line the land that changes colour depending on its soil composition. Patches of the land are white with sand and limestone, whose characteristics burst forth in the perfume of the wine created by the vines that push deep into the soil. Others are dark, darkened by a clay to be tamed, a clay whose attributes, among other gifts, give character and body to the wine. Their care is entrusted to those committed to knowing each vine, manually tending them to produce the purest fruit possible in any given vintage.

Our philosophy is one of restraint and pursuit of the purest expression of our terroir. Ezio’s approach to work in the cellar is definitely “minimalist” in nature, the primary technological features dedicated to temperature control.  This works in tandem with the natural phenomena that occur in wine to preserve the quality conferred by the grapes. The traditional production cycle does not include any type of filtration and clarification, rather a series of decantations that naturally clarify the wine. The wines of "Bel Sit" offer a glimpse into the memories of Ezio Rivella’s youth. They tell a story, one of vigor and accomplishment, and of a long family history in a land perfectly tailored to create Barbera wines.

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